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New website and data migration notice

We are truly sorry but we have to inform you that due to the development and transfer of our services to the new website, we weren’t able to transfer some data. In order to keep everything in order, we strongly urge you to provide real information which will be kept completely private and won’t be divulged to anybody. We will make sure that all your personal information are kept private and safe. We won’t share them with anybody and will use them only for the needs of our website and services. Due to the development of our new website and transfer of our services, we have changed our registration policy rules. Users are now required to provide their valid phone number as from now on phone numbers will not be posted in the ads. These new policies are necessary as they help us avoid possible scammers and in that manner provide you with better services and innovative solutions. Also, clients are now required to create new accounts and post new ads. If you come across any problems during the registration process, you can contact us at any time and share your registration troubles with us. We provide customer support at all times and guarantee to address the issue in a timely manner.

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